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Strategies to beat the bookie

Strategies to help you beat the bookie

Every punter is looking for ways to beat the bookie. We want to find the system, strategy or formula that will give the punter the edge instead of the online bookies. They make enough money out of us as it is, so Bet Champion will help find all of the best ways of winning at sports betting.

The online bookmakers constantly adjust the odds of every event to make sure that they retain an edge over the punters whose money they are keen to take. This is why it is so important that a system or strategy is employed, because without this, although you might enjoy the odd spectacular success, you will not beat the bookies on a consistent basis. We are looking for ways of betting and winning and for football betting systems that work.

Bet Champion seeks to help you take the luck out of sports betting. Anyone can have a lucky streak, but experienced punters all have stories to tell about similar unlucky runs, where nothing seems to go right and any previous gains quickly become costly losses.

There are lots of football tipsters who offer suggestions or tips, based on current form, information about opponents and previous records at specific grounds. These are often backed up with reams of statistics explaining why the tip should be followed, but more often than not, the tipsters will get it wrong just as easily as any other punter. Good football betting tips are really hard to find.

Then you get the less reputable tipsters who boast huge success rates, but it is impossible to actually check the basis for their claims. Why would someone who has an 80% – 90% success rate spend their time publishing their tips on the internet, when they could be concentrating on making money themselves? It is more likely than not, that they are promoting  particular online bookies and looking for a commission from them.

Bet Champion is not a football betting tips service. Instead, we believe that a careful analysis of cold, hard facts and then putting these facts into properly thought out football betting systems that work and have been objectively tested, is the most likely way to beat the bookies.

That is why we have set out in detail our thoughts on so many different strategies to win football bets.

Beat the Bookie with Bet Champion

Characteristics needed to beat the bookie

Lots of people are football fans and think that they have enough skill and knowledge built up over many years enjoying the game to give them the experience to beat the bookie. In fact, most of these people end up losing after a few games, because they have not employed a decent football betting system.

Bet Champion considers various betting systems and trading strategies, but in addition, it is vital that the punter shows a number of important personality traits to increase their chances of success and for finding the best betting odds and therefore leading to ways of betting and winning.

There are a number of key characteristics that a successful punter needs:

  • Disciplined betting

This is really important, but without a clear headed and disciplined approach to football betting, it is easy to end up in the poor house. In the long run, you simply cannot win without displaying appropriate discipline. You cannot be a betting expert unless you are disciplined.

It is easy for someone to think that a match is an absolute certainty and decide to bet more than they should on a particular game. This is even more enticing if you think that the odds are especially good. It is not a good betting characteristic, because even big favourites can lose unexpectedly and when they do, an undisciplined gambler will be far more disappointed that a disciplined one.

  • Diligence and taking care

Don’t take having a flutter too lightly. The goal is to consistently beat the bookies and this will simply not happen if you are not careful and analytical with your betting strategies.

Betting on a hunch is a big mistake that novice gamblers often make. They have a certain feeling about the way that a match is going to go, maybe they think that the opposition striker is hopeless, or that one team looked great in the last match or maybe they simply have their lucky socks on! Whatever the reason for the hunch, it is simply not going to lead to a long-term winning strategy. Even just using the best betting odds alone will not be the way to find a winner if you don’t take appropriate care with your bet.

The bookies spend thousands of pounds and employ expert statisticians to study all of the markets. Obviously the average punter cannot compete with their resources, but use of the internet and following statistical information will help the punter form a better opinion about what is going to happen in a particular match.  Websites like Statarea and FC Stats are invaluable tools for diligent punters. This careful checking needs to be applied in every game and that can take time. This is why being diligent is so important for successful gamblers. You can also help my looking carefully and following properly the betting system reviews that are available.

  • Courage with your bets

Successful sports bettors have to display courage when making their bets. This is especially when they are making a bet against the clear favourites in a game. You need to have courage and faith that your strategy is worthwhile, because if you deviate from it, your chances of long-term success are poor and you will not find yourself betting and winning long term.

The courage required will depend on the circumstances of the game. If your system suggests that you bet against Sunderland, you will be less anxious than if it suggests you bet against Barcelona!

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with a bet, it is better simply not to make it at all rather then bet against the recommendation of your system or trading strategy. Have the courage to either follow the system or walk away. Don’t fall into the trap of making a bet that you have not calculated properly (see “diligence” above!).

  • Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Being set up and organised to run a betting strategy is vital for any punter who wants to beat the bookies.

You need to have a properly thought out football betting strategy and be ready to execute it.

You will also need to have money available to bet with and appropriate accounts set up with online bookies. Bet Champion gives advice here about the best betting sites.

You need to make sure that your accounts have funds available and it is important to have a clearly thought out staking plan so that you do not bet more than you can afford to lose, but still take advantage of value bets where appropriate.

Proper planning is a vital characteristic of any successful sports gambler.

  • Patience and playing the long game

Every successful gambler or trader displays patience. This is a long game and you should not be looking to win everything that you want in one match or race.

Patience is a state of mind, but if you are able to demonstrate the other traits listed above, it won’t matter how long you have to wait for the next match. The discipline, diligence, courage and planning that you show will greatly increase your chances of winning in the long term.

By the same token, failing to show these characteristics may not stop you from winning the odd bet here and there, but it will not lead to a consistent plan to beat the bookies.